Sunday, July 26, 2015

How to make a wooden toy boat

I wanted to make a summer project. I wanted to be fun and if possible to combine playing in the sea. So I made this toy boat out a few scrap spruce pieces and an oak dowel.

First of all I designed a template, glued it on the wood with spray glue and cut it out on my scroll saw.

For the propeller of the boat I planed down a wood piece. To do that I clamped my plane upside down on my vise.

I joined the two pieces of the propeller with a half lap joint.

To sand the pieces I used 80 grit sand paper and my metal ruler in order to sand the curves of the boat.

Then using a round over bit on my router I rounded some of the edges.

Using a conical bit I made a bevel on the bottom of my boat.

I glued everything together using two part epoxy, because it is water proof.

I made a jig to cut the dowels to the same height, using my flush trim saw.

I wood burned the name of my boat.

I finished the piece with 9 coats of polyurethane varnish while sanding between coats. I used 2/3 poly and 1/3 thinner for my mixture. I did that because I wanted my coats to dry pretty fast.

After everything was dry I added a rubber band on my propeller and my boat was ready!

Free plans for the boat here.


  1. I believe that wooden toys can also be enjoyed by little kids.
    Zabawki Drewniane

  2. Yep says the expiry date has passed. Have you got another link for your plans? Dropbox maybe?

  3. The link to get the plans is broken.