Friday, July 17, 2015

How to make a pair of sawhorses out of scrap wood

Sometime ago, I found a piece of plywood and a piece of spruce in the garbage. I also had some leftover pallet wood. I decided to make a pair of sawhorses out of all that junk.

First of all I roughly cut the plywood with my circular saw.

For the legs I made a template, printed it out and glued it on the plywood using spray glue.

I made holes for dowels on my drill press and cut out the template with my jigsaw. I used my block plane to straighten the edges and then sanded the round parts of the legs.

To make the other legs I duplicated them using my router upside down and a flush trim bit. But before that I screwed the guide piece and a new one to keep them steady.

I made the rest of the leg pieces with the same method.

I also made a few circles using my hole saw. 

Because I made holes for dowels in certain points, I assembled the leg pieces and everything looked the same. Now all I had to do was to pre drill pilot holes and screw everything in place.

I had to make a cut on the top piece of the legs in order for them to provide a straight place for the tops. I used the dowels again to align the two legs together and cut both legs at the same time with my circular saw.

I repeat the process for the other legs. Using the dowels I transferred the previous cut line to those legs as well.

I clamped the tops together and  marked the width of the legs using the leftovers from the previous cuts. I adjusted the depth of my circular saw. I made a series of cross cuts with my circular saw and cleaned the grooves with a chisel. 

I joined the top with the legs, drilled pilot holes, created counter sinks and screwed everything in place.

From a leftover pallet piece I cut the bottom cleats using a saw and my miter box.

I used a clamp to keep the cleat in place and screwed everything in place.

I lightly sand everything and my two sawhorses are ready.

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