Thursday, February 19, 2015

How to make a wood guitar pedalboard

Using pedals with your guitars is awesome, but having them neatly mounted on a board with their power supply can be a problem. So I made my own pedalboard out of a piece of plywood.

First of all I layer out all my pedals on the board to measure the size I needed.

Then I cut the board to size with my circular saw and my cross cutting jig.

Then I cut the feet of my board with the circular saw. I cut them freehand, taped them together with two sided tape and flush sand them on my belt sander.

I added rounded corners to my board. To draw the the radius I used a spray can. I cut out the corners with my jigsaw.

I sanded the corners with my sanding block.

I designed the handle out of a scrap plywood piece and cut it out with the jigsaw. I sanded it. For the inner rounded corners I used a dowel as sanding block.

I decided to join the handle and the board using dovetails.  I first drew the male tails on the handle and cut them out on my scroll saw.

Then I used the males as guides to to trace the female tails on the board and cut them out with the jigsaw. I filled and sanded the female parts to fit the handle snuggly. I glued it with wood glue. To fill the gaps I added glue to the joints and then sanded over them. This way the gaps were filled with wood dust and glue.

I glued and screwed the feet to the board. I first drilled pilot holes for the screws with my rotary tool. I also added a clamp to secure things in place before adding the screws.

I mounted the power supply by making a few blocks. I also added a hanger screw type thing to secure the unit from underneath.

I masked the areas I wanted to add velcro and then painted the whole thing with a black spray can. I added several light coats of paint.

I added the one side of the velcro on the pedals and the power supply and I glued the other part on the board.

I assembled everything together and I was ready to roll!

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