Monday, February 16, 2015

How to make a Wine Bottle Glass Display with pyrography

I made this out of a scrap piece of spruce.

First of all I cut the piece to size with a saw and my miter box.

Then I used my compass to mark my measurements.

I used my hole saw and cut my circles on my drill press.

Then I used my jigsaw to make the rest of my cuts.

I sanded the piece using my belt sander and several scrap pieces as sanding blocks. This helped me to sand difficult areas of the piece.

Then I drew  my design with a pencil. I decided to draw grapes and vines.

Then I used my wood burner to complete the design.

My display is ready!


  1. Hi,

    I love what you are building, but in your description may I suggest, sizes? Such as length, width, size of holes. etc? I can follow most, but my brain works better have sizes. :D Thanks a bunch.


    1. Thanks for the nice comment, I usually work by eye but I'll try to give dimensions in the future! Unfortunately I gave this piece as a present and I cannot measure it for you!

    2. I understand. Well, whom-ever received it, got a very nice present. Especially with your wood burning skill. Me, I would burn thru my leather gloves, and somehow get my feet caught up in it. Two left hands when it comes to wood burning like that. Very nice site. Now to figure out the size of wood on your DIY scroll saw stand (how I found you in the first place). :)


    3. Thank you so much for the awesome word, things like that keep me going! Thank you

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