Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pallet Up Cycle Challenge 2014 - Vase for dry flowers

This is my entry for Sterling's Davis Pallet Up Cycle Challenge 2014.

First of all I cut out the pieces I need out of a pallet. I clamp a piece of wood that acts as a straight edge on the pallet and make my cuts with my circular saw.

Then I use a miter box and a saw to cut my pieces to size.

I glue all my pieces together.

On the bottom I also add screws after I drill some pilot holes.

To make the sides a little bit stronger I also glue some dowels. Before that I make a few holes on my drill press.

I round over the edges and I also give a slight taper to the sides, using my hand planes.

I glue the dowels and trim them flush with my flush trim saw.

I fill the gaps with glue. I sand over the glue so that the gaps will be filled with glue and saw dust.

I draw a decorative line with my wood burner.

I apply a few coats of water based, clear satin varnish and my piece is ready.

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