Sunday, December 7, 2014

How to make a cheap wooden spotlight

I made this spotlight out of scrap pieces of plywood and pallet wood. I needed  extra light source for my shootings so I decided to make one.

First of all I cut the pieces of the arms using my circular saw.

I  connected  the arm pieces using bolts, washers and butterfly nuts. To do that I need to first drill some holes on my drill press.

The head of the spotlight is a cheap IKEA lamp. I drilled four holes on it’s base. I connected the arm with the base using a couple of zip ties.

I connected all the pieces using bolts washers and butterfly nuts.

For the base of the arm I used pallet wood. I connected the arm with the base using a lap joint and screws. For the lap joint I traced the arm on the wood, made my side cuts with a saw and then chiseled out the material I did not needed. The pallet wood sometimes contains rustic nails that can harm your tools, so be careful.

I joined the two pieces of the base using a couple of wooden pieces that are screwed on the base. Before I added the screws I pre drilled some pilot holes.

This spotlight is not perfect but it will do a basic job for me. It is cheap and easy to make!