Sunday, December 14, 2014

How to make a pair of wooden push up handles

Those handles are very useful on doing many different exercises while keeping your hands clean.

I made them out of a scrap piece of plywood, some small dowels and a large one.

I first designed the template on a vector graphics software.

Then I used some spray mount to glue the templates on the plywood.

I drilled some entry holes for the scroll saw blade on my drill press.

I cut out the pieces on the scroll saw.

I then cut the large dowel to size, using my miter box and a saw.

I marked the depth of the plywood with a pencil and carved out some material from the dowel. This way I have a snug fit.

To remove the template from the plywood, I used a rust removing spray. I spray the pieces and let them soak for a while. Then It should be really easy to remove the paper from the plywood.

I sanded the pieces with 120 grit sand paper and glued them all together.

For extra strength, I added a dowel on the sides. I glued it and trimmed  it with my flush trim saw.

I applied a coat of teak oil and my handles are ready!

Free template here.

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