Thursday, October 3, 2019

How to make a handmade wooden spoon

Tools and materials I propose:

Making spoons with hand tools is really relaxing and satisfying. I made my spoon using a few carving knives and a spokeshave. The wood I used is basswood. 

I begun by squaring a piece of basswood on my plane/jointer machine. I then cut my blank to size on the tablesaw. You can skip this step and just get a ready made flat board.

I then designed my spoon’s shape on my blank. I carefully marked the centres of each side. I also tried to keep them visible throughout the process. 

I cut the first side on the bandsaw. I then temporarily hot glued the offcuts back in their place. Then I cut the other side of the design. 

Using a spokeshave I did some shaping on the back of the spoon and also on the handle. 

Using my hook knife I started hollowing the spoon. I then used the large knife to do some shaping. I also used a small detail knife to get into some tight spots. Throughout the whole process I was paying attention to the grain of the wood. It is important not to force the fibers of the wood. The knives must be stropped razor sharp and you should be able to create nice shavings easily. 

I then sanded the spoon smooth with 100grit. I moved on to 220 and 320. At 400 I wet sanded with mineral oil. Finally I used some abrasive paste to polish it.

I am really happy with the way it came it out. The whole process was so fun to do.

But that was it, see you soon with a new project video.

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