Friday, September 27, 2019

How to make a DIY jump rope - woodturner's maintenance

Tools and materials I propose:

The most precious tool you got, is your body and mind. So let's make a jump rope to keep ourselves fit. I made mine out of mulberry wood. 

First of all I made a rough template out of plywood. I then shaped the template on the bandsaw. I cleaned the saw marks with my rotary tool and a drum sanding bit.

I cut my wood into blanks on my table saw. For the cross cuts I used my cross cut sled. 

I then marked the centres of my blanks. I tilted the blade of my table saw at 45 degrees. I then removed the corners of my blanks on the saw. This saved me some time on the table saw. 

I then mounted the blank between centres on the lathe and used a roughing gouge to turn it true. With my skew chisel I created a dovetailed tenon to fit my chuck jaws. 

Next I stated taking measurements from my template using a pair of callipers. I used a flat chisel, a skew and a spindle gouge to shape my handle. 

At this point I decided to put the template aside and just go for a shape that felt nice in the palm of my hand. 

I sanded the handle with 100, 220 and 320 grit sandpaper. 

Then I used a skew chisel to create some grooves. These grooves helped my wire burning tool to stay in position. I then burned those marks with the wire. Besides being decorative these grooves give the sweat from your hands a way out. 

Finally I decreased the speed of my lathe and added a drill bit on my tailstock. I then drilled the rope hole. 

I finished the piece with some polishing paste. This polished the piece and also gave it a natural finish by poping the grain patterns of the wood out. 

I parted the handle of the lathe using a knife parting too. I then Used a sanding adapter on my lathe to sand the bottom of the handle. 

I used some nylon rope for my jump rope. You can experiment with different lengths of the rope and see what suits you best.

But anyway I hope you liked this one because that was it. See you soon with a new project video. 

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