Thursday, September 5, 2019

Making a cone out of apricot wood and resin - woodturning

Tools and materials I propose:

In this video a make this decorative basic form out of epoxy resin and  apricot wood. 

As a mold for my casting I used a plastic biscuit box. 

I used my axe to split and shape a piece of apricot wood. 

Then I secured the wood into the mold, so it could not float in resin.

I then mixed my resin. I also coloured my resin with a tiny bit of red and green resin dye. It was still transparent but with a kind of pinkish colour. 

I then degassed the rein in the vacuum chamber. I poured the resin into the mold, and then I degassed it again. 

When the resin was fully cured, I cleared one edge of the blank on the table saw and mounted it on the lathe with a screw chuck. Before that I drilled a pilot hole on my drill press.

I turned the piece true with a scraper and then used a flat chisel to create a tenon for my chuck. I then mounted the cone on the chuck and finished shaping with a round scraper and a flat chisel. I then used the knife tool to establish the bottom of my cone. 

I sanded the cone with 100, 220 and 320 grit. At 400 grit I started wet sanding until 1000 grit. I then used my micro mesh sanding pads. Finally I used my buffing wheels to polish the cone. 

I then cut the piece off the chuck. Using a sanding adapter I sanded the bottom. I used a sandpaper cleaner to keep my sandpaper dust free. Then I polished the bottom as well.

My cone came out great and I was really happy with the colour I got in the end.

Anyway, I hope you liked this project because that was it. See you soon with a new project video.

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