Thursday, July 18, 2019

Make a wood carver's mallet on the lathe - Woodturning

Tools and materials I propose:

Making your own custom carving mallets is really satisfying. You can also make them to fit your needs exactly the way you want. I made this one out of bitter orange wood. 

I used some masking tape to create a guideline. This way I cut one edge with a handsaw perpendicular to the main cylinder of my wood blank. 

I then marked my centers and mounted the blank between centers on the lathe. 

With the lathe set at around 500 rpm I started trueing up the blank with a roughing gouge. 

Once the blank was true I increased the speed of the lathe. I started shaping the mallet with the roughing gouge trying to follow the bevel of my cutting edge. 

This type of wood cracks really easily. I filled a big crack using super glue and wood savings. 

To shape the handle I used a spindle gouge and a round scraper. 

I also used the skew to create grooves on the handle so that sweat drops from my hand can escape. 

I also used the skew on the end grain, so I could cut it off easier on the bandsaw. 

I sanded with 100 and 220 grit. 

I used a metal wire to burn inside the handle grooves. This gives the mallet a more traditional look. 

I polished the mallet with wood savings. This is a classic old school technique.

Finally I cut the excess pieces on the bandsaw. I placed a drill chuck with a sanding attachment on the lathe. And I cleaned the saw marks.

I finished the mallet with a coat of mineral oil.

I made a really heavy mallet that fits my hand. You can customize yours to fit your needs exactly.

But anyway, I hope you liked this one, because that was it. See you soon with a new project video.

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