Thursday, July 11, 2019

Cube in a cube puzzle on the lathe - Woodturning

Tools and materials I propose:

This is a classic woodworking puzzle. I thought it would be a nice paradox to transfer this idea on the lathe. That's because the lathe usually produces round objects!

First of all I used my Jointer/planer and the table saw to create a wooden cube out of iroko wood.

I then marked the centers on each side of the cube. 

I mounted the cube on the lathe using flat jaws on the chuck. I usually use these jaws for cleaning bowl bottoms. 

On the tail stock I placed a drill chuck with a forstner bit. The lathe was set at it’s lowest speed, around 500rpm.

Then I drilled each side of the cube little by little. I kept on drilling further and further on each side. 

At some point inside of the bigger cube you get a smaller one.

It is a really interesting experiment! I hope you liked it.

See you soon with a new project video!

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