Tuesday, June 7, 2016

How to make a very simple workbench

I made this bench mostly to host my desktop power tools. It’s dimensions are 2x0,5m and 0,8m high.

For this project I used MDF, plywood and spruce solid wood.

First of all I cut my legs out of a 2x4. I used my circular saw and my guide rail for that job.

I then cut the other parts of the legs using my table saw and my cross cutting sled.

I clamped the pieces of the legs, made pilot holes and screwed them together.

Now I screw the long cleats with the legs. To reinforce the structure I also added another 4 cleats on the top and bottom.

The bottom panels are made of 8mm MDF and are two pieces. I measured my feet with a caliper and used my jigsaw to cut put the corners. I screwed the two panels in place.

The top is made from two 12mm plywood pieces which I also screwed in place.

My bench was now ready. 

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  1. Looking to do the same in my garage, but my floor is pretty uneven. How did you level the table?