Thursday, June 30, 2016

DIY hexagonal waste bin

I had a few melamine shelves laying around and I decided to upcycle them to a scrap bin for my shop. The bin's design is something like an extruded hexagon. That kind of shape is fairly easy to make and it's space efficient.

Each side of the hexagon must have a 60 degree bevel. To do that I tilted the blase of my table saw at 30 degrees.

I cut the bevels in both sides of all my boards. This way, when to boards are united, they create a 120 degree angle. A hexagon has 6 120 degree angles.

I joined my boards using glue and biscuits. I used my biscuit joiner yo create the slots on all boards. Before that I marked all my pieces so I knew which board goes where.

I glued the sides in 3 pairs first. After the pairs where dry I glued them all together. Clamping was tricky at that point, so I used a few ring clamps to hold everything together.

I then cut a piece of melamine on the band saw to create the bottom of my bin.

I screwed it in place after first making pilot holes. I used my flush trim saw to cut it flush with the sides of the bin.

I also screwed  4 wheels in place.

I then used my band saw to cut a piece of plywood for the bin’s top. To cut the inside piece I made entry holes on my drill press and cut the inside with my scroll saw. I cut that flange a bit bigger than I had to. 

I nailed it temporarily in place. I used a flush trim bit on my router and trimmed the flange flush with the rest of the bin.

I then secured the flange in place with screws. I predrilled and counter sinked the holes before adding the screws.

I filled gaps and imperfections with wood filler. After it dried I sanded everything with a sanding block.

I then designed a handle on a piece of plywood and cut it out on the band saw. I used the first handle as a guide to make another one.

I screwed the handles in place.

I gave the whole piece a couple of coats of grey acrylic paint.

My bin was now ready, I hope you liked it.

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