Thursday, June 23, 2016

DIY picture frame on the table saw

I wanted to make a picture frame, using the table saw as my primary tool. 

I used spruce and walnut for this project.

I begun by ripping  a 2x4 to size using my table saw. I used an 8mm piece of plywood to measure the height of my blade using a caliper. After I adjusted the height of my blade I created a groove on my picture frame’s sides. 

I moved the fence over a couple of times and I repeated the cut. This way I extended my groove to size. I also used a chisel, to clean up a few miss cuts of the blade.

To created the miters for the corners using my miter sled. I also marked which miter matches which, because this procedure might get a bit confusing.

I applied glue to the joints, and used my picture frame clamp to glue the frame together.

I used my spline jig to make cuts in the corners for the splines. I ripped a piece of walnut to size. I planed it down to size, using my block plane upside down on a vise. I cut the splines to size with my cross cut sled and a stop block.

The splines where now ready to be glued in place. They have to fit snugly, so I used a mallet to force them in place.

While the glue dried, I used my cross cut sled again, to cut a piece of laminated MDF for my picture frame’s back.

I used a glass cutter and a ruler to cut a piece of glass for my frame. I also sanded it’s edges a little bit.

At this point I cut the splines flush, using my flush trim saw. 

The splines act both as reinforcements and as a decorative element. The miters are end grain to end grain glued together, which is not a strong joint. That is why we use the spines. It is nice to use contrasting woods for the frame and the splines. This way the splines look nicer.

I used my block plane to round over the edges of my frame.

I made a quick and dirty sanding block. I just stapled a piece of sandpaper on a scrap plywood piece.

I sanded the piece.

I applied three coats of water based clear satin finish to the frame. I sanded between coats.

I made two closings on the bandsaw. I made countersinked holes on them on my drill press.

I also made a hole to hang the frame.

At this point I assembled the frame and hanged it on the wall.

I think it came out nice. I hope you liked it!

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