Friday, October 9, 2015

How to make a raspberry pi retro gaming base

I recently bought a raspberry pi and I decided to dedicate it to old school gaming.

So I wanted to make a base for it because otherwise it looks like a PCB with electronic components on it.

First of all I measured the Pi using my caliper. 

I then designed my invaders character in illustrator and then used easel (the online software that supports my cnc machine ) and cut out my shape on the CNC. I used 18mm birch plywood for that job.

I used a chisel to brake off the tabs that where left overs from the CNC.

Using a scrap wood piece as a sanding block, I sanded my piece.

I applied a coat of wood primer and then sanded it with 240 grit sandpaper. 

The Pi needs to be lifted a bit. So I cut out four small spacers using my saw. I should have done that before applying the primer but I forgot.

I marked the positions of the spacers using the raspberry pi as a guide, and glued them on with hot glue.

Back to painting! I applied several coats of glossy green paint by spaying it on. I used green color, to try to blend with the PCB color.

Using my dremel rotary tool, I made a few pilot holes using a small drill bit and screwed the pi in place.

I plugged on the Pi, the power source, the SD card, the keyboard and an HDMI cable that connected with my projector.

I had preloaded my SD card with the retropie OS that is dedicated for retro gaming and I was ready for old school gaming!