Friday, October 30, 2015

How to make a DIY pixel art picture frame

I had a few scrap spruce pieces laying around and I decided to make a picture frame with wooden pixel art inside. I also used a piece of MDF and a piece of plexiglass.

First of all I create one be one strips of spruce with my table saw. Then using a stop block on my cross cut sled I made the little cubes that would be the pixels for my pixel artwork.

I created my artwork on illustrator, based on a canvas I created measuring my wooden cubes. The artwork was based on a classic retro arcade game “space invaders”. I transferred the canvas on the MDF, using my compass and my 90 degree square. On that canvas I glued my “pixels” using my hot glue gun.

Now it was time to make the picture frame. The frame and the plexiglass would sit on two grooves on the frame. I created those grooves on the table saw. I made several passes in order for the plexi and MDF to fit loosely in the grooves.

I cut my plexiglass and MDF to size on the table saw.

I set my table saw blade to 45 degrees and made my miters on my cross cut sled.

I assembled everything and glued the frame together. I clamped it using my picture frame clamp.

I sanded the piece and rounded over the edges with my hand plane.

I made a hole on the back of the frame to hang it on the wall. I made it on the drill press.

My picture frame was now ready!

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