Thursday, October 22, 2015

DIY creative rolling cabinet

I needed extra storing space for my home and I decided to make a wooden rolling cabinet.

First of all I cut my stock using my table saw and my circular saw. For cross cuts on my table saw I used my cross cut sled and a stop block. I used spruce wood for this project.

I wanted my cabinet to have moving shelfs. In order to make holes for the holders I made a drilling jig from a scrap wood piece. I clamped the jig to make my holes. When the jig was out of holes, repositioned it using dowels  to keep it in place.

I then clamped the carcass of the cabinet with my frame clamp to keep it square. I joined all the carcass pieces with metal right angles. I predrilled the holes and screwed them in place. I often checked that everything was square.

The back of the cabinet is supported with wooden pieces that are screwed in place.

I added casters to be able to move the cabinet easily. I screwed them in place.

The back wooden pieces are a wooden city. I marked them with a pencil. I used a clamped wooden piece as straight edge and used my jigsaw to make the cuts. For the windows of my buildings, I drilled a hole to insert the blade of my jigsaw and cut them out too.

I added the cabinet doors using adjustable European hinges. I marked their positions on the doors and used a 35mm forstner bit to drill the holes for them. I screwed the hinges and the doors in place. Those hinges are adjustable so you can adjust the doors to look straight.

I added the shelfs and the shelf holders.

I sanded everything with 120 grit sand paper at the beginning and then moved on to 240. To remove all the dust I used my vacuum.

My cabinet was now ready!

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