Wednesday, July 18, 2018

How to make a food safe wood finish out of beeswax and mineral oil

I made this DIY wood finish out of natural wax and mineral oil. Those are both food safe materials. As a result you can use this finish on wooden bowls, spoons, cutting boards e.t.c.

I wanted my finish to be kind of liquid, so I used 1 part wax and 4 parts mineral oil. I also added three drops of lavender oil to make it smell nicer.

To melt the wax easier I used a cheese grinder to transform it in savings form.

The I placed a pan filled with water on my heat source. In the pan I added a coffee pot with the wax. This way the wax melts slowly without burning. I then mixed the wax with oil and heat them again to one mixture.

I steered the mix until it cooled down to create a uniform mixture.

At this point my finish was ready to test on some different spices of wood. It looks awesome on walnut, maple and especially olive wood.

Please note that in hot summer days the mixture will be more liquidy and in cold winter days more solid.

I hope you found this article useful! It is a pretty easy and natural finish to make!