Thursday, June 14, 2018

Woodworking shop tour 2018

In this video I show you my workspace and the tools I use. If some of you want to create your own DIY garage wood shop you will find this video helpful. 

I begun the video by showing an overall view of my shop. 

Then I started presenting the heavier tools, like the CNC, the lathe and the table saw. I also show accessories for those tools, especially the lathe.

After that I show my power tools. At least the ones I use the most.

Then I show you my wall mounted tools, and stuff I got in cabinets and shelves.

All the different kind of clamps.

My sharpening stones for flat chisels, plane irons and carving gouges.

Then I mostly show my hand tools.

Finally I close the video with safety equipment. My ear protection, my mask, a face shield and the fire extinguisher I always have around in the shop!

I hope you’ll find this video useful!

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