Friday, June 8, 2018

Making a DIY folding table from an old IKEA laundry basket

I had this old IKEA laundry basket and I decided to convert it into a folding camping table. This seemed like a cool idea, because the basket had a folding mechanism already.

First of all, I used my random orbit sander with 80grit sandpaper to quickly remove the old paint. To sand the spindles I mounted them on my lathe and sand them there. I used masking tape to prevent the chuck jaws from harming the wood.

I had a spruce piece to act as a table top but I needed it to be larger. So I cut an extra piece on my table saw. I used biscuits and glue to complete the table top. The biscuits prevent the pieces from moving around while glue up.

After the wood glue dried I trimmed the edges of the table top, using my circular saw and a guide rail. Because these were cross cuts, I used masking tape to reduce the splitting of the wood.

I then used a roll of tape as a guide to create the rounded edges. I used the bandsaw to cut the curved corners and finished the shaping with a sanding block.

After sanding the table top flush, I used my router with a round over bit to round over all the edges of the top. 

I then marked the positions of the cross braces. I cut the braces on the table saw and glued and nailed them in place with my nail gun.

I then made another piece. I cut it’s shape on on the bandsaw. I sanded it on the belt sander.To sand a few tight curves I used a drum sanding bit on my drill press. 

I then predrilled pilot holes, countersinked them and added the screws in place.

I also added a piece of rubber and a hook to make a spring mechanism to keep the table pieces secure in place. This mechanism works both in the closed and open position of the table. 

I then disassembled the pieces and I was ready for the paint job. I mixed white and green latex paint to get the color I wanted. I then applied two coats of paint to everything while sanding between coats. I applied the paint mostly with a roller, although I used a small brush to cover a few difficult areas. 

My table was now ready. It is really light weight and I think that makes it ideal for camping or barbecue situations!

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