Wednesday, May 9, 2018

How to make a wooden slingshot on the lathe

I made two wooden slingshots on the lathe. I made the first out of oleander wood and the other out of olive wood. I used leather for the pouch and rubber from a catheter I found in the pharmacy.

First of all I mounted the wood on the lathe between centers. I used my roughing gouge to turn the stock true. I then used my skew chisel and a parting tool to create the tenon for my chuck.

I mounted the piece on the chuck and also used my steady rest to keep things in place while hollowing the end grain. I used the bowl gouge to do the hollowing. The whole process here basically resembles to the goblet making procedure.

After hollowing, I sanded and used super glue to fill some cracks on the wood. I then used the roughing gouge and the spindle gouge to finish the shape of my slingshot. I used my finger as a thickness caliper. 

To provide more support, I added an adapter on the tailstock to hold the stock in place. I used my skew to create better grip on the slingshot’s handle. I sanded the piece. I also used the wood shavings to sand the surfaces even smoother.

I moved on the bandsaw and cut out two side pieces. I finished shaping my slingshot on the belt sander.

I finished the piece with a coat of mineral oil. 

I bought a rubber catheter from the pharmacy and used it as my slingshot’s rubber. I added a leather pouch and mounted the rubber on my slingshot using iron wire with a pair of pliers.

My slingshot was now ready. To keep it a toy I used rubber washers as ammo.

I hope you enjoyed this build!

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