Thursday, May 24, 2018

How to make a skater character with the 3D pen

I made this character using ABS filament in my 3D pen. This is not one of my woodworking videos but I thought it was interesting to share.

First of all I designed all the vector templates in Adobe illustrator.

I then placed the plastic grid of my pen over the template and begun doodling. This grid helps the doodle to be glued lightly on the surface so you can draw more easily. 

I first created the outlines and then filled the inner structure. When all the forms of a shape were completed I welded all the parts together with the 3D pen. 

I can also fill small gaps in the air, drawing with the pen.

After all the different filament parts are ready, I weld them in place. 

When I have a curved part, I spot weld in a few key places and then I fill the whole edge. This happened with the legs of my skater.

After all the parts were ready, I welded everything together and my character was ready!

I think he came out pretty cool! I really Enjoyed using my 3D pen.

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