Wednesday, March 14, 2018

How to make a DIY cinema clacket

I made this vintage cinematography gadget, out of birch plywood. It is the type of clacket that you use chalk to write on it. It is useful to note several information about the scene you are shooting. Through the editing process this can help a lot!

First of all I marked the basic dimensions with a pencil and ruler. Then I cut the basic shapes on the bandsaw.

Using a long sanding block I sanded all the saw marks clean.

Using a compass I marked the hole positions and the round overs of the edges.

I rounded over all the edges on my desktop belt sanding station.

I then cut, shaped and drilled all the parts needed. When the parts needed the same operation, I used masking tape to hold them together and perform the process once for all.

I then glued the hinges in place. I used my air powered nail gun to nail the pieces in place, while the glue dried.

I then sanded everything with a sanding block.

Using my hacksaw I cut a piece of threaded rod to size. I cleaned the saw marks on the belt sander. I also used the belt sander to create bevels in each side of the rod. This way the nuts will slide much better in place.

I wanted to be able to write on the clacket with chalk. So I painted with non gloss oil paint. This paint is thinned with white spirit. I applied two coats of paint. I used my heat gun to speed up the drying process.

I then used blue masking tape to create the masks for the white painted parts. I applied two coats of white paint, and when that dried I removed the tape.

I assembled all the parts with butterfly nuts, washers and the threaded rod!

My vintage cinema clacket is ready for shooting!

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