Friday, February 23, 2018

How to make a DIY scrap wood city picture frame

I made this simple photo frame out of walnut, spruce, oak, maple, plywood and olive wood scraps. All the pieces were shaped to resemble to buildings and then glued and nailed on a piece of birch plywood.

First of all I cut the plywood base frame on the bandsaw.

I then started making the buildings out of the scrap wood pieces. For the shaping I used the bandsaw and the belt sander. I then glued the pieces on the base frame. To avoid clamping I used my air powered nail gun. I used a couple of olive wood pieces which had their bark still on. To kind of stabilize the bark I used super glue. The super glue is really thin and can penetrate into tiny gaps.

I tried to kind of divide the different parts of the wood in harmony around the whole synthesis. This way you get a more balanced aesthetic result.

I then sanded the frame on the belt sander. I also hand sanded many parts.

To act as the back of the frame, I cut a piece of thin MDF on the bandsaw.

I then used a glass cutter to cut the glass. I first scored the line with the cutter. I then lightly hammered the scored line. Finally I broke the glass on the line, against a piece of plywood.

I cut and shaped the openings of the frame out a piece of oak. I predrilled and counter sinked the holes for the screws.

I applied three coats of clear, satin, water based varnish on the frame. I lightly sanded between coats. To speed up the drying process I used my heat gun.

I then made the back support piece out of a piece of birch plywood. Once again I cut the basic shape on the bandsaw and finished shaping on the belt sander. I glued and nailed the piece on the MDF back.

Finally I assembled all the pieces of my picture frame. I am really happy with the way it came out!

I hope you like too! 

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