Thursday, February 1, 2018

How to make a cylindrical box out of basswood

I made this box ( actually bowl ) out of tilia wood. It's design happened by accident. I tried to correct a mistake with simple design elements.

First of all I jointed the sides of my wood on my jointer. I then moved to the thickness planer and finished flattening the stock.

I then cut the piece to rectangles. I made those cross cuts on my table saw, using my cross cut sled.

I then glued the pieces together. I made two special blocks for the glue up. Those prevented the pieces from sliding around, during the glue up.

I then cut the piece to a rough cylindrical shape on the bandsaw.

I mounted the stock on a face plate and turned it true using a roughing gouge. I then used the bowl gouge and the parting tool to create a mortise for the chuck. 

I then reversed the piece and mounted it on the chuck. I begun hollowing with my bowl gouge. Using a flat chisel as a scraper I flattened the outer side and sanded the piece. Using similar methods I made the top cap of the box.

I then closed the box and mounted it between centers. I used the bowl gouge to turn the cap flush with the rest of the box.

At this point everything was going well until a piece just broke off. I reglued the pieces I found and decided to add three decorative circles to kind of trick the eye from viewing the crack.

After the glue dried I used the bowl gouge to even everything up. I then painted the interior of the box, with water based wood stain.

Using a rotary tool and a sanding drum I shaped the crack to a circular shape. I then created two more circles with forstner bits.

I sanded the pieces with 100grit and 280grit.

I then finished the piece with about 8 coats of shellac.

My box was now ready! I hope you like it!

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