Wednesday, September 27, 2017

How to make a very simple DIY stand for a jointer planer combo machine

I made this simple stand out of spruce and melamine from an old IKEA table. 

It’s height is just about right, so that when the machine is on the stand, the jointer’s surface is just above my workbench. This way my workbench can act as an outfeed table during the jointing procedure.

First of all I cut the legs to size using my cross cut sled on the table saw. Then I cut the side pieces.

I made the first opposite sides of the table. I glued them and screwed them in place. To avoid splitting I predrilled pilot holes before screwing.

I then connected the two sides with the rest of the spruce pieces.

On the table saw again I ripped cut a piece to act as cleat. I cut it to size using my cross cut sled on the table saw. To make repeated equal cuts, I added a stop block on my sled.Then I glued and nailed the cleats in place.

I cut two panels out of a melamine sheet I had from an old IKEA table. I used my circular saw and a guide rail for this operation. I also used a handsaw to cut the corners out from one of the panels.

I then added the panels to the stand. I screwed in place only the top panel. I also countersinked the holes to avoid interference with the jointer’s legs.

My stand was now ready, I hope you like it! 

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