Wednesday, September 6, 2017

How to create sculptures with the lathe

This is a really cool woodturning technique. It involves multiple axis turnings in the same stock. It is also proof that the lathe is a really versatile tool, you can actually kind of draw with it.

I begin the process using stock that is not square. It is kind of extruded rectangle. I begin by marking three center points in each side of my stock. The center points are in line on each side. Also if you connect the centers of each side they should create parallel lines.

I then chuck the stock between centers between the center points. Now I remove stock from both sides.

Then I remount the piece from the first outer pair of centers. This way I remove stock only from one side of the material. In this eccentric turning the lathe should be set in a low speed to avoid many vibrations.

You should also sand each part separately, before you rechuck the material to create other forms.

This way I can actually create really interesting shapes on the lathe. I can also create ears and noses from a piece of stock witch is chucked eccentrically. 

Also in a few cases you can create mirrored images. For example you turn one ear and then spit it in half with a saw, and you got two ears. Or perhaps you can make a butterfly this way!

Using eccentric turning you can actually create a huge variety of forms and avoid the symmetry usually created in most woodturning projects.

It is a really creative way to use the lathe!

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