Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How to make a simple segmented pencil holder on the lathe

I wanted a minimalistic pencil holder for my desk. I came up with this design. I made it out of scrap spruce pieces.

The holder was made out of 12 segments. So I need 15 degree miters. I tilted the blade of my table saw at that angle and made all the rip cuts.

To cut the segments  to size, I used my cross cut sled with a stop block, so I can make all the cuts with accuracy.

To joint the segments, I placed a piece of sand paper on a plexiglass and sanded all the miters.

I then glued all the segments. I used blue masking tape to clamp them.

I then cut the pieces for the base on my table saw. I glued 4 pieces to create a panel.

After marking the base’s size with a pencil. I rough cut it on the bandsaw.

To joint the base and the segmented ring, I sanded them on my home made disc sander on the lathe.

I glued the two pieces together and screwed in the face place on the bottom. I then mounted the whole thing on the lathe.

I used a flat chisel to turn the piece. I rounded over the piece. Cleaned up the open edge and rounded over the mouth’s corners.

I sanded it with 100 grit, then moved on to 240, then 320 and finished it with wet sanding at 500. As a lubricant and finish I used mineral oil.

At this point my pencil holder was ready, I hope you liked it!

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