Thursday, December 1, 2016

How to make a rack for the woodturning tools

For a while now, Ι wanted a holder for the lathe’s tools. I wanted it to be mounted on the wall, so my bench would remain free.

I made it out of scrap pieces of spruce and plywood.

First of all I cut all my pieces to size on my table saw. For the rip cuts I used the fence and for the cross cuts I used my cross cut sled.

The sides of the rack are a bit tapered. I made that cut on the bandsaw.

I used a block plane to plane the two sides flush.

To mark the hole positions for the base I used a 40mm forstner bit.

I opened holes for the tools to sit in, using my drill with the same forstner bit.

For the top piece, I drilled holes with the drill and then cut one side out on the bandsaw. My bandsaw is small so I finished the cuts with my jigsaw. 

I then used corner clamps, to keep everything together before I drilled pilot holes and screwed everything in place.

The rack is mounted on the wall with a french cleat. I tilted the blade of the table saw at 45 degrees and made a rip cut on a piece of plywood.

I used wood glue to mount one piece of the cleat on the rack.

I sanded everything with 100 grit sandpaper.

I drilled holes on the cleat that would be mounted on the wall.

I marked the positions of the holes with a pen and a spirit level.

I used upat as a mounting method. I drilled the holes on the wall. Before that I gave a small punch on the drill to create a small guiding point for the drill. After that I placed the upats in place and screwed the cleat in place. 

The rack was now ready I hope you like it!

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