Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How to make a turned bowl for your cat

I wanted to make a DIY food bowl for  Mickey, my neighborhood cat. I thought this would be a nice and easy wood turning project.

First of all, I took a spruce board and cut 3 rough squares out of it, using the bandsaw.

I then glued them together, with wood glue and clamps.

I drew the diagonals and marked the center with an owl.

I cut out a rough circle on my bandsaw and mounted the piece on my lathe using a face plate chuck.

Using the scraper tool I rounded the outer side of the bowl.

I drilled a depth hole on my drill press, to establish the desirable depth of my bowl.

I then used the bowl gouge to hollow out the bowl. I also used the parting tool to make the inner sides of the bowl straight.

I sanded it on the lathe.

I used blue masking tape to mask the name of the cat. I used a marker to write the name and an exact knife to cut out the area I wanted to paint on.

I painted the name with black spray.

At this point my little bowl was ready to receive some nice food for Mickey the cat.

I hope you and he, like my little wood turning project!

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