Thursday, September 22, 2016

How to make a disc sander for the lathe

I did not have a disc sander, and I decided to make one. After watching a few other people (on you tube)  that had already converted their lathe into a disc sander, I decided to make one too.

You can watch other people’s builds here:
Dema's WoodShop
George Fotinakes
Patrick's Work Shop

I made this build with whatever scraps I had in my shop.

I begun by salvaging a few boards from a pallet, using my circular saw.

I squared the ends of the boards on my table saw, using a cross cut sled.

To create some thicker stock, I glued and clamped two boards together.

After the glue dried, I flattened the piece with my hand plane.

I cut it to size with a saw and a miter box and reduced it’s thickness, using my hand plane again. I did that in order for that piece to fit snuggly in the lathe’s runners.

I then used my angle grinder, to cut a metal piece on which I drilled a hole in the middle, using my drill press.

I then used my band saw, and cut two pieces in a way they fit together with a half lap joint. I glued those pieces together and drilled a hole on them to receive an M6 screw.

I then cut out a screw’s head with a hacksaw.

I connected the wooden block, the metal piece and the screw with butterfly nuts and washers. This is actually the base of the sander and it’s mounting mechanism.

I cut a circle on the band saw from 10mm plywood. I mounted on my face plate  and used a scrapper to turn it even all around. I then glued on a piece of sandpaper using spray adhesive. I trimmed the sand paper flush with an exact knife.

I then cut and drilled the rest of the pieces on my bandsaw and drill press.

I predrilled, counter sinked and screwed the pieces together. For the moving parts I also used M6 screws, washers and butterfly nuts.

To make the sanding platform, I cut a piece of melamine to size, using my circular saw and a guide rail. Because the cut was across the grain , I used masking tape to reduce tear-out.

I then used a 90 degree straight edge to mount the platform at 90 degrees. I screwed it in place.

My sander is ready, it works nicely with around 100 grit sand paper.

I hope you like it,it is a really useful tool to have in the shop!


  1. Καλό μεσημέρι. Αν σου είναι εφικτό πόση είναι η διάμετρος του ξύλινου δίσκου & του κόκκινου σμυριδόποανου ?

    Αν είναι π.χ. 300 mm ή 6'' υπάρχει & που στην Ελλάδα ?

    1. Καλησπέρα, είναι γύρω στα 40cm αν θυμαμαι καλά. Το έκανα ανάλογα με τα φύλλα που βρίσκω. Γυαλόχαρτο παίρνω σε φύλλα μεγάλα από γνωστά καταστήματα. Υπάρχουν όμως και εργαστήρια που φτιάχνουν γυαλόχαρτα σε ότι μέγεθος θέλεις. Σνήθως τα μαγαζιά που πουλάνε εργαλεία συνεργάζονται με αυτά. Πάντως για το συγκεκριμένο project φύλλα θα βρεις εύκολα και τα κόβεις εσύ κυκλικά οπως ατο video.