Thursday, July 21, 2016

How to make a DIY animation toy

I made this classic “put the fish in the bowl” toy, using scrap plywood pieces and a dowel.

First of all, using a compass and a ruler, I designed the handle of the toy. 

I used my hole saw to cut the circular parts and then cut the rest on the bandsaw.

I used my drill press to drill the holes that would receive the wooden dowel. 

I sanded the piece. I also rounded over the edges with sand paper. I used a marker as a sanding block, to sand the round parts of the piece.

I then again used the hole saw to cut out a ring. The inner circle of the ring was cut out on the drill press for more accuracy.

I then cut the ring to the appropriate thickness on the bandsaw using also it’s fence. I used a pencil to keep my fingers away from the blade.

I then cut a piece of dowel and created a small hole on it, on the drill press.

I designed another circle, drilled a small hole in the middle and added a small nail on a piece of MDF to act as a pivot point. I used this quick and dirty circle making jig to cut that circle on the bandsaw.

I then cut a notch on the circle using the bandsaw and glued the dowel in there.

I applied a coat of white surface primer to everything. After drying I sanded the pieces and added a another couple of coats.

In the first side of the circle I drew a minimalistic fish symbol and on the other I drew a circle.

I added string in the spindle and attached it to the ring.

At this point my toy was ready. 

In order for the toy to work you have to rotate the spindle in order for the string to be wrapped around it. Then you pull the ring and the spindle starts to spin fast. 

The toy is based around a principle of the human vision called “ metaisthima ”. With the speed of the rotation the brain sees the image of the circle and the fish as one. As a result you see a fish in the circle.

I hope you like that project.

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