Wednesday, July 27, 2016

DIY floor lamp with a drill and a jigsaw from Skil

Skil sent to me a cordless driver and a jigsaw. I decided to make a limited power tools project using mostly those two.

So I made this organic design floor lamp out of MDF, plywood and led stripe.

First of all I used a charcoal pencil to draw the organic shapes to the sides of my lamp.

I then opened up the entry holes for the jigsaw using the cordless drill.

I  then used the jigsaw to cut out all the curved forms.

I gave all the pieces a nice sanding.

To diffuse the light coming from the inside of the lamp, I used canvas which I cut to size and stapled it in place.

I used corner clamps to hold the four sides of the lamp temporarily in place.

I used the drill to create pilot holes and then joined all the sides using screws.

I then used a clamped 2x4 as a fence to cut a piece of plywood for the top of the lamp. The jigsaw cut at a straight line with ease against the fence.

I nailed the top in place and sanded it.

I also used the jigsaw to cut a piece of plywood for the bottom. When cutting across the grain I added blue masking tape to reduce tear-out. 

I then mounted a hole saw in my drill and cut out four circles to act as my bottom’s legs. I passed a screw threw them, clamped them with butterfly nuts and chucked them on the drill. Then I used the drill as a lathe to sand them all evenly.

I also cut out four squares to act as blocks for the upper part of the lamp. I glued and nailed them in place.

I made a pilot hole on an oak dowel and screwed the bottom in place. 

I cut out a led stipe and secured it on the dowel with zip ties.

I then connected the power supply for the leds and screwed it on the bottom of the lamp.

I added cardboard pieces between the canvas and the MDF sides. This way the canvas had a small distance from the MDF. With that kind of masking, I was able to paint the inner sides with a small brush.

I then used a roller to complete the paint job.

At this point my lamp was ready. I am really happy with the way it came out.

I want to thank Skil for sending me those awesome tools. They performed really well on the project.

You can check them out here:

Also check the hush-tag #skilhelps on social media.

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