Thursday, December 17, 2015

Wooden folding floor sign for a magical place

Recently Katerina Kris asked me to make a sign for “astriko xorio” a magical place from her new children’s (big and small) book.

The sign had to look like a sign illustrated in the book, which looks like a wooden hand that points to “agkalitsokampos” a place in the book’s story. 

It had to be portable and it had to be able to separate in parts.

I made this sign out of spruce. The main sign was cut on my CNC machine.

The sign folds with bolts and butterfly nuts. It also connects with the base in a similar way.

I gave the whole piece a round over using my router and a round over bit.

Don’t forget to check on Katerina’s work and the awesome “astriko horio”.

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