Wednesday, December 16, 2015

How to make a plywood piggy bank

I designed this piggy bank and used several layers of 8mm birch plywood to make it.

First of all I glued four pieces of plywood together. I then glued the inner template of my design on the pieces, using spray adhesive.

I cut the inner piece on my bandsaw. To remove the template I used WD40 rust remover.

In order for the bandsaw to cut the inner shape, I had to make a cut on the external side of it. When I finished cutting, I glued that cut, using glue and a clamp.

After that, I glued two 8mm plywood pieces together, using double sided tape. I glued the front and back template and cut the front and the back at the same time on the bandsaw. I also cut the ears and the nose of my piggy.

I glued the front piece first. 

The back piece is screwed in place, so I can remove it to open the piggy bank when necessary. To do that I pre drilled a few holes with my drill and counter sinked them on my drill press.

To make the slot, I drilled a few holes and then cleaned them up with a chisel and sandpaper.

I sanded my pieces, using several scrap wood pieces as sanding blocks, in order to sand all the different areas of the piggy.

On my drill press I made a few holes to act as eyes and nose holes.

I glued the nose and the ears in place.

I did a final sanding.

I finished the piece with two coats of latex paint, while sanding with 240 grit sand paper, between coats.

My piggy was ready.

You can download a free vector template of my piggy bank, here.

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