Friday, March 6, 2015

Little prince on a log slice wall art - Entry for the tree challenge

This is my entry for Dominic Bender’s tree challenge More info on the challenge here.

Watch all the entries of the challenge here.

I had a pine log slice laying around and I decided to make something out of it.

First of all I removed the bark with an old cheap chisel.

Then I created two stop blocks with my jigsaw to hold the piece in place. Then I set up a jig to plane my slice to thickness with my router. This technique also flattens the piece. I made a specie base for the router which slided over the log piece on  two wood rails.

Then I used two part epoxy glue to fill the cracks on my log piece.  

I sanded the piece with 50 and 120 grit sand paper using my sander.

I added a hanger in the back.

The I used my wood burner to burn an abstract childish design of the little Prince. I really liked the grain of the wood and I wanted a minimal design that wouldn’t dominate over nature’s design.

Then I applied a few coats of my home made beeswax and olive oil finish. You can watch how I made this here.

My piece is ready, I love it’s grain pattern and the finish did a good job in piping it out!

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