Saturday, March 28, 2015

How to make a pallet drink coaster using only hand tools

I love beverage pallet coasters and I decided to make one using only hand tools.

First of all I split a piece of spruce to make the tiny boards of the palette. To do that I made a beginning with my flush trim saw and then used a chisel and a knife to split it.

Then I secured my block plane upside down on my vise. I planed my piece straight and  to the thickness I wanted by making slight passes over the plane.

I used a caliper to make sure I am ok with my board’s thickness.

I cut the boards to size using my miter box and a hacksaw. I used the hacksaw to have a smoother cut on those small pieces.

Then I added wood glue to a small syringe and used to add small amounts of glue. I glued the top of the palette and added a weight for glueing pressure.

Then I plane down my original piece to create the right thickness for the pallet blocks.

I glued the whole piece together.

I used nails and my hammer to nail all the pieces together.

I sanded the piece roughly with 120 grit sandpaper.

To make it look more like a pallet, I wood burn a symbol on the edges. My symbol is the first letter of a name (the person's I am gonna give the palette to).

My miniature pallet coaster is ready!

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