Friday, January 9, 2015

How to convert a drill press stand into a DIY lathe

I had a broken drill press stand laying around and I decided to convert it into a home made lathe.

I’ve seen many people in the web making drill powered lathes and I borrowed ideas and inspiration from many of them.

First of all I disassembled the drill stand and kept only the part that the drill is mounted on.

I connected this part with two parallel wooden boards. To do that I drilled two holes on all of them and added two screws with washers and nuts.

For the lathes’s tailstock I used a few blocks of wood which I cut and planed to the size I wanted so that it can slide it on the lathe’s bed. I used glue and screws to connect these parts. 

After the base of the tailstock finished, I slide it towards the drill and drilled a hole for the quill that is in line with drill’s chuck.

The quill is just a screw and a  knock-in nut. To make the quill’s end pointy, I mounted it on the drill and used a file to sharpen it.

I assembled all the parts and used clamps to secure everything in place. I mounted a piece of wood on the chuck and I am ready to roll.  To mount the wood on the chuck I created a small tenon at the end of it.

My lathe is ready.

Caution: Before making a lathe like mine think that it might be dangerous to make and use your own power tools, so do it at your own risk.

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