Monday, April 8, 2019

Making the “ocean ripple” pendant, out of resin and olive wood!

Tools and materials I propose:

I begun by cutting a beautiful piece of olive wood on the bandsaw. 

Silicon cake molds we use in the kitchen, work perfectly with resin.

I mixed some slow setting epoxy resin. I also added a few drops of blue dye. Then I degassed the resin on my vacuum chamber. 

After about a week my castings were rock hard. 

I chucked a sanding adapter on the lathe. With that I flattened the bottom of my casting.

I then hot glued the piece on a wooden block which was mounted on a face plate. I turned the piece true with a flat carpenter’s chisel as a scraper. 

Then I parted the piece off and flattened both the casting and the block again.

The ripples were made with eccentric turning. So I hot glued again the piece using an eccentric pivot point. 

First I drilled the hole for the string.

I then used a homemade round scraper to create my ripples.

Once I was happy with my shape, I parted the piece off and started sanding.

I begun with 100grit, moved on to 220 and 340. I started wet sanding at 500 using mineral oil. I sanded until 1000 and then continued with my micro mesh sanding pads.

I then set my lathe at it’s lowest speed and buffed the piece with my three polishing wheels.

Overall the pendant came out nice. If I made it again I would use less blue dye, to increase it’s transparency. But this is ocean ripple and deep blue is a perfect match.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this one, because that was it!

See you soon with a new project video!

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