Friday, November 10, 2017

How to make a cheap hanging workshop cabinet out of OSB

I made this cheap cabinet for my workshop out of OSB material. It is hanged on the wall with a french cleat system. 

I would really like to thank BMtools for sending the air compressor I use in the video.

The air compressor is this one:

I bought my OSB material cut roughly to the sizes I wanted. 

I started by making the frame of my cabinet. I used a corner clamp to help me hold the two sides in place, while I predrilled pilot holes, screwed and glued them together.

Using my circular saw and a guide rail I cut the front and back sides in size.

I then screwed the front and back in place. 

At this point I had a wooden box. I ripped cut the box in half on the table saw. Before the last two cuts I clamped two shims in place so that the already cut sides won’t interfere with the last cuts.

The front piece of the cabinet is actually two doors with shelves. So using my circular saw again and cut the front piece in half. To complete the doors I cut two piece of OSB on the table saw and screwed them in place.

I then used spray cans and scrap OSB pieces to act as spacers. I then predrilled and screwed the door shelves in place. I used the same technique to find the locations of the inner shelves also.

I also added a drawer in this cabinet. I made it using overlap rabbet joints. I made those using a stop block on my cross cut sled. With a few repeated cuts on the table saw I was ready to go. This is a simple joint with plenty of gluing surfaces. 

I then used my air compressor and a nail gun to hold the drawer sides in place, while the glue dried. 

I used the hole saw to open up a finger hole in the front of the drawer.

I then gave the whole piece a quick sanding with my random orbit sander and a sanding block.

I used the air compressor and a blowgun to blow the dust away.

The doors are attached on the cabinet with piano hinges. I cut the hinges to size with my angle grinder. I hold them in place with masking tape and then screwed them securely in place.

I made a simple latch on the table saw and some scrap OSB pieces.

I glued the latch in place, I used again my nail gun to hold the pieces in place, while the glue dried.

I nailed and glued in place a spacer piece on the back of the cabinet. 

I tilted the blade of my table saw at 45 degrees and ripped cut an OSB piece to act as a french cleat.

I screwed and glued one piece of the french cleat on the back of the cabinet.

I then used a spirit level and a few nails to mark the places for the upats on the wall. I made a simple depth guide on my drill with some tape. I drilled the holes on the wall and hammered the upats in place.

I then screwed the other half of the french cleat on the wall.

I hanged the cabinet in the wall.

I then used strength rubber luggage ropes to act as stoppers for the door shelves. I first shortened them with a pair of scissors and zip ties. I then secured them in place on metal rings which were screwed on the sides of the doors. 

My cabinet was now ready. It came out really nice. It was easy and cheap to make!


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    1. I have a bunch of that bored laying around do you have the measurements of the box that's pretty cool