Thursday, July 13, 2017

Donating my old X-Carve to Automation Engineering Department

Recently Inventables sent to me a new X-Carve cnc machine. So I decided to donate my old X-Carve

 to Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (Technological Education Institution of Piraeus) Automation Engineering Department. And to be more specific to the Mechatronics-Robotics-CNC laboratory.

The guys there do really interesting work and I think their lab is the perfect home for an X-Carve

I want to thank Inventables once again for sending me the machine in the first place.

I also want to thank the people from the Automation Engineering Department.

Many thanks to:
Georgios Chamilothoris
Professor, Department of Automation, TEI Piraeus.

Makis Chatzopoulos
Makis is involved in the laboratory teaching of the 'Mechatronics'
and 'Motion control' courses.

Kostas Ntontos
Eleni Simeonaki

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