Thursday, May 25, 2017

Turning a wooden bowl out of scrap wood

I made this bowl on the lathe, using laminated pieces of spruce, marine plywood and bamboo plywood.

First of all I laminated all the pieces together using wood glue and a clamp.

I then trimmed the piece on my bandsaw.

I mounted the piece on the lathe with a face plate.

I rounded the stock using a roughing gouge.

Using the bowl gouge, I flattened the bottom.

I used a caliper to measure the opening of my chuck.

I then created a mortise to fit my chuck using a skew chisel and a spindle gouge.

I used a flat chisel to scrape the outer side of the bowl and then sanded it with 100grit sand paper.

I then mounted the bowl on my chuck to begin the hollowing process.

To establish the depth of my bowl. I used a forstner bit on my tailstock to remove the core material of the bowl. I used a depth gage to make sure I did not drill too far.

I then used the bowl gouge to remove as much material as I could.

I then used a round scraper to smooth out the interior walls of the bowl. I also used a flat chisel to create steps which I then rounded over with the round scraper. This technique helps me remove material from difficult areas of the bowl.

I then sanded the bowl with 100grit, moved to 240, then 320 and 500.

I finished the bowl with Yorkshire grit which is an abrasive paste with beeswax, mineral oil and stone. You apply the paste and then smooth out the surface with a piece of paper while the lathe is set to spin at 500rpm or less.

My bowl turned out really nice! I hope you like it!

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