Thursday, November 3, 2016

DIY Santa claus for Christmas Ornament Challenge 2016

I made this Santa out of of bitter orange and lime tree pieces. 

First of all I chucked the bitter orange piece on my lathe and turned it true using my scraper tool.

On a piece of cardboard I designed and cut out half of my Santa’s template. I wanted a simple minimalistic design.

I then used the template to mark my lines on the lathe. I used a skew chisel to establish my measurements. I then used the parting tool to remove material and kind of create my basic forms.

To round over a few parts and to create the cone for the head I used my spindle gouge. 

After I was happy with the shape I sanded the piece on the lathe.

I cut of the base on my bandsaw. I sanded the bottom using my homemade disc sanding jig for the lathe.

I then chucked the lime tree piece between centers and turned my Santa’s arms. I used a regular straight chisel to do that.

I then drilled the arm holes on my drill press. To hold the piece down I placed it on a wooden base with a hole in the middle. 

I glued the arms in place and drilled two holes to act as eyes.

I then drilled a pilot hole and added a metal hanger on the Santa’s head.

I painted the piece with acrylic paints. I finished by spraying a few coats of clear acrylic varnish.

My Santa was now ready. 

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