Wednesday, October 5, 2016

How to make a simple DIY tool board for the shop's wall

I wanted to make a new tool board for my shop’s wall.

I made it using an OSB panel, screws, nails, hangers and a few scrap plywood pieces.

The board would be mounted on the wall with upat. First I drilled the holes on the OSB.

Then I used a 2x4 and a spirit level, to hold the board straight. I then used a marker to mark the positions of the holes to the wall.

I then drilled the holes and used a mallet to drive the upats in. After that I screwed the board on the wall.

Basically I used three methods to hang the tools on this board. 

The first was to use metal hangers. I predrilled and mounted them on the board. I positioned them depending on the tool arrangement I wanted. I also used screws and nails to kind of hold the tools in the positions I wanted. 

I also used a marker to trace around each tool, so I know it’s exact position on the board.

The second mounted method is used basically for my chisels, screw drivers and even drill bits.

I cut a scrap piece of plywood on the bandsaw. Used a compass to mark the hole positions. And then using a step drill bit I opened conical holes. I then cut an entry slot on the bandsaw.

I predrilled screw holes on the drill press. I used a mallet to tap the chisel holder on the board. I predrilled and screwed the holders in place using my spirit level again, to make sure everything was straight.

The third and final mounting method is using wooden dowels. I used that to mount my pliers. I just positioned the tool, used an owl to mark the place for dowels, drilled holes and placed the dowels with wood glue.

This is basically it. I tried to position the tools on the board by categorizing them. So I have my saws all together, my pliers, my chisels, my measuring tools e.t.c

I hope you liked it.

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