Thursday, January 7, 2016

DIY wooden slingshot

I had a piece of hardwood, a bicycle tire tube and a piece of leather and I decided to make a slingshot and ammo for it.

First of all I cut a wooden block to size using my table saw. For the cross cuts I used my sled.

I designed the vector template of my slingshot in illustrator.

I used spray adhesive to glue the template on the sides of my block.

I made the vertical cuts on my bandsaw. I added  few drops of hot glue to keep the pieces in place and then cut the rest of the piece on my bandsaw.

Using several sanding blocks, my drill press sanding jig and my rotary tool, I cleaned the piece from the saw marks and burns.

I cut 3 stripes of rubber from a bicycle tire tube. I cut two slots on the slingshot’s body for the rubber. I secured the rubber in place with zip ties. 

I made the nest for the ammo using a piece of leather. I passed the rubber through it and added a few more zip ties.

I finished the piece, with a few coats of teak oil. 

I took a square piece of the same hardwood and kind of removed material from the corners, using my bandsaw.

I secured the piece on my DIY drill lathe. After rounding the piece. I used the skew chisel to make 6 balls. Those wooden balls would be my ammo.

I cut the balls on my bandsaw and gave them a rough sanding.

My slingshot is ready and I tested it on Scrapy!

You can download a free vector template of my slingshot here.


  1. the template link isnt working for me

    1. I have reuploaded it, check again and let me know!