Saturday, November 21, 2015

How to make a case for your air pistol

The pistol came with a foam base. I used that as a mold for my box. 

First of all I cut the sides of the box to size, out of 8mm birch plywood, on my table saw.

I then set my table saw blade to 45 degrees and started cutting the side miters on my cross cut sled.

I glued the carcass of the box using wood glue and my picture frame clamp.

For the bottom and the top of the box I used 4mm plywood, which I roughly cut on my table saw.

I glued all the pieces together. 

I trimmed the caps flush with my router, using a flush trim bit. I used my router upside down as router table.

I cut the box in two pieces on my table saw. Before the last cut, I added a wooden shim on the upper side. The shim’s width matches the width of my saw blade. I did that to prevent the top of the box from moving while I made the last cut.

My CNC machine did a good job, on carving a decorative design on the top of my box.

I applied 4 coats of clear, water based varnish on my box, while lightly sanding between coats.

I added legs on the bottom of my case.

I added the hinges using screws. I also made pilot holes with my rotary tool, before adding the screws.

I used longer screws than I needed. So I trimmed the screws flush, using my rotary tool and a grinding disc.

My case was now ready. I added the foam base, the pistol and it’s accessories.

I hope you like it.

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