Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How to plant vegetables in a sack planter on the terrace (time lapse)

I have not much space available in my house, so I decided to plant my vegetables on the terrace.

I first added pallets on which the sack planter will sit on. Under the palettes I added plastic plates to collect the water and not harm the cement floor.

Then I unfolded the planter and added a layer of pumice at the bottom for better drainage.

Then I added the soil. The soil is 50% fertile earth and 50% compost.

Every now and then I added magnesium and calcium fertilizer.

Then I layed out the plants before planting them and after that I planted them.

I cut bamboo sticks to support the tomatoes. I cut thin strips of cloth to secure the plants gently on the sticks!

I planted tomatoes, basil, celery, dill and zucchinis.

I them I gave the plants a good watering in order for the soil to sit and to unite better with the roots of the plants.

Because the planter is on the terrace and there is too much sun, I added a green net on top of it to keep my plants a little bit cooler!

I hope you find this article and video useful!


  1. Interesting Ionrooted. I like the idea of putting the planter on top of wooden pallets. And putting those troughs under to catch the water. Too bad we can't get that in the States. Good luck with your garden!!!

  2. oh and I finally got a name for my stuff that I make - it is "Crappy Wood Working". My daughter always says "Gee Dad, that's craptastic!"