Friday, December 19, 2014

Place a boat in a cut glass bottle

I’ve always liked miniature ships or boats in glass bottles. I guess I had to make one.

First of all I made a template of the boat and I glued it on a scrap piece of plywood.

I drilled some entry holes on my drill press for the scroll saw blade.

Then I cut the piece on the scroll saw. To remove the template, I first sprayed the piece with rust remover, let it soak for a while and then removed it easily.

I sanded the piece.

I then used my glass bottle cutting jig to make my basic cutting line. I heated the cut with a candle and then I cooled it with water. I repeated this process a few times until my bottle was cut easily.

I glued the ship in the bottle using my glue gun.

I glued the two pieces of the bottle back together using to part epoxy.

I added a small rope for decoration and for covering up the cut. I did that with my glue gun.

I made the bases using my scroll saw and a couple of scrap spruce pieces. I sanded them using a big dowel as a sanding block to sand the inner curves.

My piece is ready!

Get a free ship template here.


  1. This has a lot of potential for even complex projects, like building a scale model and inserting it into the bottle with your technique. Thanks for sharing this!

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