Thursday, February 25, 2016

Designing and making a DIY multiple tealight holder

First of all I did a rough sketch of my idea on paper. Than I designed the templates of my holder in illustrator.

I used 20mm plywood for this project.

I glued the templates on the plywood using prey adhesive.

I then cut out all the pieces on my bandsaw.

Using my belt sander I removed all the saw marks.

For difficult to reach areas, I used a sanding block. Just a scrap piece of wood, on which I glued a piece of sandpaper with carpet tape.

I clamped my router on my vise. I used a round over bit and rounded all the edges of my pieces.

All the parts of the piece are connected with a 16mm oak dowel. I used my drill press and a spade bit to drill the holes that receive the dowel.

I then used a 40mm forstner bit to drill the holes for the candles.

I cut the dowel to size on my bandsaw. I used my drill press as a lathe, to sand the edge of the dowel.

I used WD40 to remove the templates from the pieces.

I finished the piece by applying a coat of teak oil.

I glued the dowel to the base and assembled all the pieces together.

My tea light holder is ready!

You can download free vector plans for this project here.


  1. The vector plans are not there please can you email me them at

  2. We all think the project is cool
    I would like the plans also please.

  3. There is no plans to see at the site you have put up???


  4. There is no plans,can you help me please?